Application Management

Ensuring all of your applications run smoothly is not an easy task. So, let the experts at Zanaris worry about this, while you focus on what’s really important: growing your business

With multiple North American-based Operations Centers, Zanaris is uniquely positioned to address data sovereignty, redundancy and compliance concerns. With our 24x7x365, centralized operations center, we can fully optimize a company’s deployments, while providing monitoring, alerting, and containerization with security at the top of mind. One of the best assets we bring to the table is our strong team of technology experts and enthusiasts.
  • Custom scripting, advanced tools and proprietary methodologies
  • Repeatable and scalable strategies for our clients
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Operational Management

While your organization charges forward, making critical business decisions, Zanaris is here to support your operations and keep you up and running

Your business depends on the security, availability, performance of your applications and flexibility of your infrastructure. Let Zanaris and our expert engineers ensure that your environment is well maintained.
  • Monitoring and management of storage services
  • Initial design, setup, integration, and ongoing management of a customized dashboard
  • Increased focus and attention on security and governance
  • Patching of servers with auditable trail of patches and exceptions to bring rigor, prioritization, and visibility
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We'll create your custom scripts while you focus on the integral parts of your business

With the ability to scale your business in an instant with a simple custom script, implementing DevOps has become a necessity for organizations looking to leverage their technology. Having a trusted extension of your operations team creating your custom scripts, understanding the most appropriate automation tools to use for your environment, running your daily provisioning and the daily management of deployments can help you focus on the integral parts of the business, while our experts take on the day-to-day.
  • Faster development & expedited deployments
  • Automated QA & scripting
  • Efficient app orchestration
  • Centralized operations
  • Accelerated go-to-market strategy
  • Prescriptive methodologies
  • Cost & performance optimization
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