The focus used to be on which environment you were in. Now it’s what you do in that environment

The Challenges Facing Most Organizations

Businesses are challenged to innovate more rapidly than ever if they want to avoid the risk of digital disruption. The days of developers taking weeks or longer to conceive, design and roll out new ideas are long gone. Consequently, organizations are under pressure to add capacity to their infrastructure and to scale IT operations to support new tools and meet demand. DevOps incorporates popular frameworks and methodologies to give you the advantage of the latest and greatest innovations in platforms and tools to increase app delivery capabilities and speed to market.

What Zanaris can help you achieve through DevOps
  • Automation and scaling
  • Expedited deployments
  • Resilient environments
  • Decreased downtime
  • Quicker reaction to business changes
  • Enforced security measures
  • Cost and performance optimization

Zanaris DevOps graphic

DevOps: Nimble, Highly Efficient, Cost Effective

Development Challenges

  • Business pressure to innovate with IT: We bring new technology and creativity
  • Dependency on IT Ops for infrastructure: With Zanaris, your infrastructure is managed and secure
  • Slow response time from IT Ops: Zanaris provides the opportunity for scalability
  • Long release cycles, difficulty iterating: Zanaris provides the opportunity for automation
  • Unable to integrate QA into Agile: We implement scripting

Operations Challenges

  • Difficulty in capacity planning: We scale with technology, not people
  • Frequent and strict IT auditing: Zanaris brings automated processes and methodologies
  • Frequently required to support new tools: We utilizE modern tools to support Ops
  • Demanding patching/software updates: We leverage custom scripting for automated Ops work
  • Unrealistic desires around IT budgeting: Our open source tooling alleviates budget