Application Management


Composed of a strong team of technology experts and enthusiasts, Zanaris utilizes custom scripting, advanced tools and proprietary methodologies to wield a repeatable and scalable strategy for their clients. These custom DevOps solutions have become the backbone and IP of Zanaris, with our clients being the beneficiary.

Zanaris firmly believes in the value of scaling with technology, not people. Let us show you what your technology environment is really capable of.

  • Continuous Improvement & Deployment
  • Performance & Elasticity
  • Cost & sizing
  • App security and hardening
  • Geographic dispersion/diversity

How Can Zanaris Help Manage and Optimize Your Applications?


1. Business Needs/Use Cases

Identify how to best utilize DevOps automation based on analysis and understanding of your unique environment

2. Software Development Team

Centralize and efficiently structure your development team to see direct cost savings

3. Software Commits

Implement a predictable and nimble commit cycle via DevOps integration with open sourced tooling and automation

4. Automated Software Build

Provide the ability to spin up an environment in 2 minutes instead of 2 weeks

5. Automated Test Scripts

Write automated test scripts and increase the number of automated QA modules

6. Automated Deployment

Automate deployments for all application while running lean with continuous deployments and integration

7. Monitoring/Operations

Manage all your DevOps environment through automatic provisioning and application orchestration