Executive Team

Teamwork makes the dream work… literally! We are passionate about technology and believe it can change the world when we work together. Check out our roster below:

Roger Mcilmoyle

Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Byrne

Chief Revenue Officer

Andrew has a long history of Managed Services; Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity and has helped many clients to make the right decision and achieve a successful solution. His experience includes running Operations, Engineering and R&D across many different disciplines including helping a startup DR company build to a strong position in the market with over 1,000 clients in just 3 years. Sector experience includes running a Software-as-a-Service platform providing services to the heavily regulated Mutual Fund industry.

His particular expertise is to help companies to achieve successful IT transformations whether they involve internal or Managed Service or Cloud solutions. His depth of market experience allows the client to better analyse potential solutions and ensure they make the right choice at the right price.

Chris Toushan

Chief Executive Officer

Paul Rix


For the past 20 years, I have focused on building, buying, and selling companies and my vision for Zanaris is the most exciting endeavor that I have yet been part of. I have a passion for seeing how technology can untap people’s potential to build successful enterprises. My favorite part of Zanaris is the culture we have built that demonstrates this same passion, excitement, and commitment to helping people solve problems through technology. And I am known to enjoy the occasional margarita.