What We Do

Zanaris provides a DevOps Portfolio that offers our partners and our customers flexibility and agility. Our solutions span assessments and proofs of concept to data center migrations to ongoing management of multi-cloud environments and continuing DevOps support to applications and platforms. Our ability to work with a range of platforms, tools, and apps allows us to drive value to any customer rather than be tied down to specific environments or solution sets.

We focus our ability to help our customers into two core phases of our approach: Onboarding and Ongoing. Within each of these phase we deliver each of our core services across multiple platforms and applications utilizing the Zanaris DevOps-as a Service process, our pre-configured open sourced tools and our proprietary scripts.

Build your Desired Environment

  • Cloud strategy, design, and implementation
  • Secure workload migration with minimal downtime
  • DevOps-enabled scalability and elasticity

Manage your Environment

  • SLA-backed 24/7 monitoring and alerting from our North American Operations Center
  • Deployments with Docker, Kubernetes, etc.
  • Rapid, accurate, and secure patch management
  • Unified view of hybrid environments with monthly reports

Improve your Environment

  • System automation, provisioning, and capacity allocation
  • Proactive optimization of applications, workloads, platforms and business needs
  • Expert DevOps automation using tools such as Puppet, Jenkins, Ansible, etc.