About Zanaris

Whether it is a migration to the cloud to better enhance accessibility, security, and workload allocation, or optimizing your operations environments through DevOps tooling and scripting, Zanaris believes anyone can achieve an optimally run environment with the right help.

While many MSPs focus on either running hardware or moving software licenses, Zanaris believes in leveraging expert IT capabilities. At Zanaris, our innovative DevOps-as-a-service solutions connect the code that powers your business with the technology it runs on. We work with any app and any platform to design, migrate, port, configure, manage and improve your environments and applications. With Zanaris being agnostic and firmly on the side of providing exceptional service to the customer, it’s no longer either/or but any & all. With North American-based DevOps support backed by SLAs, our team of experienced, scrappy, and creative DevOps engineers pull out the stops to deliver exceptional service. Through custom scripting, advanced tooling and proprietary methodologies, Zanaris works with our customers to help them scale through technology, not people. Let us show you what your technology environment is really capable of.