Availability & REsiliency Services
  • Infrastructure Discovery and Resiliency Assessment
  • Infrastructure/Application Dependency Mapping
  • Disaster Recovery Architecture Proposal
  • Disaster Recovery Testing Strategy
  • Disaster Recovery roadmap
Availability & Resiliency Process

Resiliency, disaster-recovery, and business-continuity often has wide ranging implications on infrastructure, security, and operations. Zanaris provides the skills, expertise, experience, and knowledge necessary to analyse an existing or proposed infrastructure and ascertain the underlying realities in terms of resilience and disaster-recovery capability. 

Disaster-recovery is often assumed to be a simple matter of replication; however, the reality is far more complex. During an actual disaster your applications are being migrated to not only a different geography, but also frequently a different architecture. This can significantly affect audit, compliance, security, and day two operations within the destination environment. A disaster-recovery assessment & strategy engagement will provide not only a baseline of where your application infrastructure exists today but also a comprehensive roadmap to achieve the level of operational resilience necessary to support your business objectives for the future.

  • Establish and confirm desired outcomes, resilience, security, testing, and disaster recovery objectives
  • Conduct application dependency mapping in order to confirm partial disaster recovery objectives
  • Gather current performance metrics in order to confirm minimum viable capacity
  • Perform an analysis relative to industry best practice and disaster recovery objectives
  • Compare resilience and security requirements to actual implementation
  • Evaluate performance bottlenecks and performance impacting elements
  • Develop and propose a minimum viable architecture
  • Develop and propose a recommended architecture
  • Develop and propose a architecture roadmap
Availability & Resiliency


  • Baseline infrastructure architecture documentation
  • Baseline application architecture documentation
  • Application / Infrastructure RTO/RPO baseline
  • Infrastructure Resiliency recommendations
  • Infrastructure / Application DR architecture recommendations
  • DR testing strategy
  • Architecture implementation plan