Enhanced Application Monitoring Services

Monitoring is an essential service for an effective environment

  • Advanced Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Application Performance Monitoring
Enhanced Application Monitoring 

Traditional monitoring is plagued with false positives and does not truly monitor the end user experience. Properly monitored environments detect issues quickly and reduce downtime.

Enterprise architecture complexity has increased to the point where simply monitoring the underlying components no longer guarantees business availability, reliability, nor resilience. Monitoring must exist at the business outcome, service, and infrastructure level. If your monitoring is only identifying an outage, then it’s only confirming business SLA’s have been breached not preventing them.

  • Establish and confirm desired availability, reliability, and resilience for each in-scope application
  • Gather current performance metrics
  • Conduct application dependency mapping
  • Compare stated requirements to actual architecture highlighting technical debt
  • Perform a capacity and resource analysis relative to industry best practice
  • Establish baseline thresholds consistent to desired outcomes
  • Propose & recommend monitoring infrastructure
  • Implement approved recommendations
  • Validate outcomes against expectations
  • Establish monitoring and KPI’s necessary to support SLA’s
Manage & RUn
  • Monitor, monitoring infrastructure to ensure a proactive stance
  • Maintain and continued enhancement of monitoring infrastructure
  • On-going integration with ITSM infrastructure
Enhanced Application Monitoring 


  • Monitoring infrastructure architecture documentation
  • Application dependency mapping of in-scope architectures
  • Capacity & Performance metrics reporting & forecasting
  • Security and regular point release patching
  • 24×7 Tier 2 and Tier 3 support
  • On-going integration with ITSM infrastructure