DevOps Infrastructure as a Service 

Many try to follow a DevOps model and automate as much as possible, but few truly succeed

Zanaris has the skills to eliminate unnecessary outages within your environment due to code management issues.

Supported Services

Zanaris provides you with the freedom of choice


Ansible Tower



VMware Automation

CI/CD Pipeline Automation




DevOps Infrastructure

Establishing a DevOps capability is not only about process and culture but also the infrastructure which enables your team to realize the benefits of DevOps, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and infrastructure through code and automation.

Our Process

Zanaris will work with your team to assess your current DevOps infrastructure relative to the desired business outcomes and propose, implement, and then manage the resulting infrastructure that underpins a robust CI/CD pipeline and fully automated infrastructure.


Zanaris recognizes that most Enterprise architectures are hybrid in nature and as a result do not immediately benefit from DevOps at the application level

The resulting infrastructure can address not only continuous delivery against in-house initiates but also on-going administration of the over-all enterprise architecture.

In order fully realize the benefits of a DevOps Infrastructure as a service, Zanaris can accelerate your automation efforts through their Infrastructure Automation Services.

DevOps Infrastructure as a Service


  • Baseline DevOps readiness report
  • CI/CD platform recommendation
  • Automation platform recommendation
  • CI/CD & Automation platform architecture
  • DevOps roadmap identifying infrastructure prerequisites necessary to achieve success
  • DevOps infrastructure deployment
  • Knowledge transfer