Infrastructure Automation Services

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VMware Automation
CI/CD Pipeline Automation

Infrastructure Automation Overview

The first step towards a true operational efficiency is automation. Zanaris can help make that a reality leveraging the skills of DevOps Consultants who understand how to make that happen.

Infrastructure Configuration Assessment

Zanaris can assist you in describing your infrastructure and its configuration as a script or set of scripts so that environments can be replicated in a much less error-prone manner.

Development & Operations Benefits

Infrastructure automation brings agility to both development and operations because any authorized team member can modify the scripts while applying good development practices (such as automated testing and versioning) to your infrastructure.

Infrastructure & Application Landscape Assessment

One of the many pitfalls of automation is assuming all things can and should be automated. A successful deployment of automation involves an assessment of the infrastructure and application landscape for automation targets where the infrastructure and or application truly support automation.  towards consistency and reliability underpinning operation excellence, cost savings, and improved resilience and reliability.

DevOps Infrastructure

Establishing a DevOps capability is not only about process and culture but also the infrastructure which enables your team to realize the benefits of DevOps, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and infrastructure through code and automation.

Infrastructure Automation also goes by other names:

Configuration Management, IT Management, Provisioning, Scripted Infrastructures, System Configuration Management, and many other overlapping terms.

Zanaris, using its Digital Transformation service can provide all necessary prerequisites.

  • Baseline infrastructure architecture documentation
  • Baseline application architecture documentation
  • Application dependency mapping
Infrastructure Automation


  • Baseline infrastructure automation readiness report
  • Automation platform recommendation
  • Automation platform architecture
  • Automation platform roadmap identifying infrastructure prerequisites necessary to achieve success
  • Automation platform and associated infrastructure deployment
  • Revision 1 automation scripts for infrastructure that satisfies prerequisites for deployment
  • Knowledge transfer