Infrastructure Automation Services

The first step towards true operational efficiency is automation 

Ansible Tower
VMware Automation
Infrastructure Automation

Infrastructure automation also goes by other names: configuration management, IT management, provisioning, scripted infrastructures, system configuration management, and many other overlapping terms


  • Zanaris can assist you in describing your infrastructure and its configuration as a script or set of scripts so that environments can be replicated in a much less error-prone manner
  • Infrastructure automation brings agility to both development and operations because any authorized team member can modify the scripts while applying good development practices — such as automated testing and versioning — to your infrastructure
Is Automation Right For You?

One of the many pitfalls of automation is assuming all things can and should be automated.

A successful deployment of automation involves an assessment of the infrastructure and application landscape for automation targets where the infrastructure and or application truly support automation.

In the end, automation is a journey towards consistency and reliability underpinning operation excellence, cost savings, and improved resilience and reliability.


Zanaris, using its Digital Transformation service can provide all necessary prerequisites.

  • Baseline infrastructure architecture documentation
  • Baseline application architecture documentation
  • Application dependency mapping
Infrastructure Automation


  • Baseline infrastructure automation readiness report
  • Automation platform recommendation
  • Automation platform architecture
  • Automation platform roadmap identifying infrastructure prerequisites necessary to achieve success
  • Automation platform and associated infrastructure deployment
  • Revision 1 automation scripts for infrastructure that satisfies prerequisites for deployment
  • Knowledge transfer