Complex Migration & Upgrades Services
  • On-Prem to Cloud (AWS, VMware Cloud on AWS, Azure, GCP) migration
  • Cloud to Cloud migration and diversification (AWS, Azure, GCP, Hosted-Private)
  • Cloud IAS to Cloud PaaS
  • On-Prem to Cloud SaaS (Atlassian)
  • Multi-Major Version upgrades (OS, Database, VMware)
  • Windows Active Directory Migration and Consolidation

Complex MIgration & Upgrades 

How Zanaris Can Help You…

Turnkey migrations and upgrades are performed by professionals who have a depth of experience in multiple migration and complex upgrade scenarios, eliminating the risk of attempting tasks for the first time in a live environment. Comprehensive runbooks are provided to run step-by-step through the migration or complex upgrade with full project management.

Migrations and complex upgrades often involve refactoring at the infrastructure level to achieve the same resilience with the same or better resulting availability SLA’s. Zanaris can help assist in evaluating the best migration strategy. 

Complex Migration Strategies
Green Field One-For-One
Cloud Migration

Installing all necessary applications into cloud provider native images using application-level replication of data.

Green Field Refactored
Cloud Migration

Installing all necessary applications into cloud provider native images wherein the infrastructure architecture is refactored to achieve equivalent or better resilience using application-level replication to move data.

Brown Field One-For-One
Cloud Migration

Using cloud provider replication technology to replicate existing servers and data.


Zanaris, using its Digital Transformation service can provide all necessary prerequisites.

  • Baseline infrastructure architecture documentation
  • Baseline application architecture documentation
  • Application dependency mapping
Complex Migration & Upgrades


  • Infrastructure refactoring recommendations and roadmap
  • Recommended cloud architecture and projected costs
  • Backup architecture recommendations
  • Security and monitoring recommendations
  • Disaster recovery recommendations and projected costs
  • Migration or Upgrade plan
  • Cloud migration run books by application and wave