Digital Transformation Services

Assessments are the start of any Digital Transformation journey

CLoud Readiness Assessment 

AWS, Azure, GCP, VMware Cloud on AWS

Infrastructure REFACTORING

AWS, Azure, GCP, VMware Cloud on AWS

Application Refactoring

AWS, Azure, GCP, VMware Cloud on AWS

Cloud Efficiency Assessment

AWS, Azure, GCP, VMware Cloud on AWS

Cloud Resilience & Disaster Recovery Architecture Assessment
Cloud Security Assessment 
IaaS to PaaS Architecture Transformation
On-Prem to SaaS Application Migration
Digital Transformation

Zanaris is cloud agnostic,our experienced consultants provide an unbiased solution recommendation for each application

Zanaris can help to create objectives and define the overall strategy to help thought leadership and gain quick results.

Digital Transformation Process

Zanaris provides you with options as to which process works best with your data and timeline 

Identification & Classification

Since your total enterprise application portfolio is unlikely to be or remain homogeneous Zanaris begins by establishing the identification and classification of your Enterprise application portfolio, establishing a roadmap that is consistent with each application.

In-House Applications

For in-house applications, Zanaris can assist with the maturation of the development, delivery, and architecture of an application through the deployment of advanced tooling, automation, and proven processes.

In-Scope Applications

For in-scope application, Zanaris will establish a road-map consistent with the delivery methodology (application, infrastructure, and process) as it evolves with the application during its digital transformation.

Digital Transformation


  • Baseline infrastructure architecture documentation
  • Baseline application architecture documentation
  • Application classification
  • Baseline application delivery process
  • Infrastructure refactoring recommendations and roadmap
  • Application refactoring recommendations and roadmap
  • Cloud efficacy assessment recommendations and projected savings
  • Cloud resiliency and disaster recovery recommendations and projected costs
  • Cloud security assessment recommendations relative to industry standard compliance frameworks and requirements (SOC II, HIPAA, CIS Level 2, etc.)